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Brawn Nutrition - MAX-LMG 90 caps


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Brawn Nutrition MAX-LMG contains 15 mg of the compound methoxygonadiene or 13-Ethyl (13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5 (10) -diene-17-one). Metoxygonadiene binds to progesterone receptors and, under the influence of digestive enzymes, converts to the compound 13b-ethyl-nor-androstenedione. The half-life of Max LMG is approximately 6 hours.

The new, innovative prohormone is mainly used to support muscle building. Athletes can use Max LMG both for reduction and during the mass cycle. The advantage of prohormone is that it does not accumulate water and fat in the body. Athletes who use prohormone can enjoy the amazing and positive effects: building hard, compact muscles, increased energy and strength.

Max LMG is an aromatized prohormone, it can be used in every phase of muscle building. The preparation has an effect comparable to testosterone, but has much lower androgenic properties.

Benefits of using MAX LMG Brawn Nutrition:

A clearly visible increase in muscle mass

No accumulation of water and fat

No negative estrogenic side effects

Low androgenicity

A prohormone designed for athletes to increase muscle mass with low water retention. It has an anti-progesterone effect, reducing the symptoms of the harmful effects of estrogen, such as gynecomastia or decreased libido.

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