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Nutra Innovations - Androsterone 60cps


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Pure Androsterone 50mg /caps

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Nutra Innovations Androsterone 

Available now from Nutra Innovations, the leading specialist in US prohormones - Androsterone is a prohormone designed to increase testosterone, strength & muscle size 

Androsterone is ideally for any male 25+ looking to increase their testosterone and strength levels without the typical side effects associated with some prohormones.  

Anyone looking to gain lean muscle and enhance libido should consider running a cycle of Androsterone.

Common Questions

Do you need Post Cycle with Androsterone?

Yes, we recommend at least a 4 week PCT cycle after your Androsterone cycle. Clomadex PCT is the recommended choice. 

Who can take Androsterone? 

We recommend Androsterone to any male over the age of 25. It can be run as a 6-8 week cycle at 2 capsules (100mg) daily, with 1 dose ideally being taken 30 minutes before exercise. 

Are there side effects with Androsterone?

As with many products, side effects will vary from person to person. However, common side effects do include an imbalance in hormones following your cycle, which is why we recommend a good PCT. During cycle, most users will notice an increase in libido and strength with minimal side effects. 

Androsterone is safe to run for most males and side effects are very rare, but if uncomfortable side effects do occur we recommend discontinuing use and starting your PCT early.

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