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SWISS Pharmaceuticals - Cardarine GW501516 60cps


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Gw Endurabol Swiss Pharma

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GW 501516, the more commonly used name Cardarine. It was discovered in 1992 by Glaxo Smith Kline and Ligant Pharmceuticals. Cardarine binds to the PPR receptor and, in this binding, co-activates PGC-1α with an enzyme which subsequently increases the expression of genes involved in energy expenditure.

Cardarine is ideal for everything. Its greatest benefit is increasing stamina. Thanks to it, you will have more strength and energy for brutal hard workouts, as well as, you will have so much energy that weight loss will be an absolute “brunch” for you. Cardarine is also popular due to its ability to reduce fat. Your muscles will be streaked and perfectly sharp. Cardarine hides the three most important properties that are indispensable in bodybuilding:

·       Burns fats,

·       Has strong anti-catabolic,

·       Strong anabolic effects.

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