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BRAWN NUTRITION - ATD 25mg , 90cps

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Potent hormonal modulator

Ideal for PCT or as a standalone test booster

Increases strength and muscle gains

Noticeably lowers fat loss


ATD is a popular ingredient in estrogen blockers and testosterone boosters for several years now. It was the featured ingredient in the original, and in many consumers' opinion, best version of Gaspari's Novedex XT. Since the discontinuation by Gaspari of Novedex we have seen other companies bring out ATD supplements including SNS (Inhibit-E) but today only Fusion Supplements have a proven ATD supplement available. For anyone looking for a potent AI designed to restore an optimal endocrine environment in the body, Fusion's ATD supplement is a choice with both science and a wealth of empirical data to supports its efficacy.



Container size: 90 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 90

per 1 capsule



1,4,6 androstatriene-dione

25 mg



ATD is an aromatase inhibitor (AI) and often praised for its estrogen control ability. By blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen, AIs can prevent some of the androgenic side effects associated with prohormone and steroid use such as gyno and water retention. 

It's been proven an effective AI in animal and cell culture studies, but there's little evidence or information on its effects in humans. AIs, especially prescription AIS such as anastrozole, have been proven effective, but the increases are within normal limits. AIs don't elevate natural testosterone to the levels seen with pro-hormones and steroids. Over-the-counter AIs were originally developed to help restore normal testosterone production after a prohormone/steroid cycle during the post cycle recovery phase, yet as stand-alone test boosters, they're not proven to be effective.

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