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Do you want to train harder than whenever before and to have during the training feeling of bottomless energy? With THRASH from Warrior Labz you have an opportunity to convice yourself what is mega dose of clean energy to your muscles.

In every sport and body-building is not exception that there are periods when you simply need to kick. Fatigue can have several factors. It can be caused by lack of sleep, food or too fast and stressful lifestyle. Bodybuilding is one of the most difficult sports because in addition to the exercise, there are high requirements mainly in lifestyle. Especially in the periods before the competition when the body is in caloric deficit and you need to train at 150 %. The need of enhanced energy, concentration and stress resistance is an increasing need also for ordinary people in today’s busy world. Therefore people are increasingly looking for the solution in supplements. Commonly available products in the pharmacies have very nice and effective advertising, but neither nearly do not have such effects as THRASH!

What is fatigue?

Fatigue is energy loss of the organism and reduced ability to do whatever activity. Is made by accumulating of waste substances in the muscles and blood vessels. The human in fatigue loses observing ability, worse senses and responds slower or irritated on surrounding motions. Mental fatigue is mostly accompanied by physical fatigue and in reverse.

Fatigue is not a disease, but can be its symptom. Can be seen the overwork, bad food, lack of exercise, insomnia and many other diseases. However, fatigue is not symptom of the diseases, can be cured by dietary supplements and herbals. Caffeine or various plant extracts are excellent.

Product composition of THRASH

Warrior Labz created something what killed off the competition in the category of nutritional energizers and fat burners. THRASH is the strongest mixture that will recharge your batteries and you will never want to train without it. For its great properties stand years-tested ingredients.

Caffeine – is one of the most known and extended stimulants in the world. Is contained in the coffe, tea, chocolate, various drinks  and in medicines used for cold treatment. About caffeine classification to the list of doping substances are made long discussions for decades. Caffeine was in the list of doping substances until the year 1972, after this year was removed from this list to be again doping subtance twelve years later. 

In the year 2004 was again removed from this list (together with pseudoephedrine) mainly because of non-existing scientific evidences proving the doping potential of caffeine. Although in the year 2004 after well-known interview with captain of australian rugby team, who admitted using of caffeine with clearly proven effects for its performance, the sports authorities think again what to do with caffeine...

Its main functions are:

  • stimulation of CNS (Central nervous system)
  • secretion of neccessary adrenaline  for organism mobilization in extreme physical activity
  • increasing of use fat tissue as energy source
  • enhancement of glucose levels in the blood
  • enhancement of lactate level (lactic acid) as result of higher tolerance towards anaerobic activity
  • increasing of strength power
  • enhancement of glucose absorption from digestive tract what improves energy balance during sport performance

Yohimbine – is the bark of tree Pausinystalia yohimbe. Main component is alkaloid yohimbine. Its effects are e.g. vasodilation of blood vessels and following reducing of blood pressure, stimulation of central nervous system. Its main effect is to extend blood vessels and to flow the blood to the vascular system.

Yohimbine selectively blocks presynaptic as well as postsynaptic alpha-2 adrenoceptors. By presynaptic blockade in CNS enhances catecholamines level in the brain and affects serotonin level. Has anti-depressive effect and overall stimulating effect. Enhances the turn-over of central noradrenaline and so activates adrenergic neurons of CNS, stimulates reactivity and awareness.

Yohimbine – positive properties in body-building:

  • helps ,,pumping“ in your muscles while exercising
  • helps to reduce body fat
  • helps efficiently in erection (mainly for body-builders, who have erection problem after treatments of ASs)

2-(acetyloxy)benzoic acid – its generic name in anglo-saxon literature is aspirin – is a drug known and used for more than 100 years. Belongs to non-AS anti-inflammatory substances. It has analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-platelet effects. It has also less defined effects and also indications, which are still expanding in the process of its recognizing.

Aspirin is together with caffeine and ephedrine the part of ECA stack – the strongest and most efficient mixture for weight loss and increasing of energy levels in the world.

E – ephedrine

C – caffeine

- aspirin

Aspirin in contrast with caffeine is not stimulant. It was proven that reduces the secretion of ephedrine through urine. For this is left in the organism longer time and can affect longer.

Positive properties of aspirin:

  • has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects
  • helps in reducing the fever
  • prevention of blood clots
  • stimulates immune processes
  • reduces the incidence of asthma
  • assists in gastroesophageal reflux disease

Epherda extract – is found in many stimulating and fat-burning dietary supplements. Is also the part of medicines helping in the treatment of respiratory system. Ephedra belongs to the group of stimulants. This natural substance is plant alkaloid. Extract from epherda is used in traditional chinese folk healing for thousands years for the treatment of asthma. Is also efficient in reducing the body weight in two ways:

  • Reduces appetite
  • Enhances energy consumption of the body

Use of natural ephedrine extract for sportsmen

Ephedra extract– enhances the capacity for physical activity by its ,,kicking“ and fat burning. For these reasons is often used by body-builders closely before the contest (fat burning), and by sportsmen who need to enhance their body power for one time.

Benefits of ephedrine:

  • Supports physical stamina
  • Stimulates heart frequency
  • Enhances the speed of metabolism
  • Ensures lipolysis (fat fission process)
  • Improves protein synthesis in skeletal muscle
  • Eliminates the fatigue


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