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Genomyx - Slin-Sane V2 - 60 Caps


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Genomyx - slin Sane-60 Caps




The average athlete regularly enjoys their carbohydrates, be it from sweet potatoes or their favorite cereal, they can’t get enough. However, there can be a struggle maintaining the balance between their training and their diet routines. Consumption of different macronutrients (fats, proteins, carbohydrates) all impact the blood sugar hormones insulin and glucagon, and trying to time everything just right can be incredibly tedious and time consuming. Many physique athletes selectively consume a large portion of their carbohydrates around their training because they know how greatly exercise can improve muscle insulin sensitivity and prevent glucose from being converted to triglycerides and then deposited into adipose tissue.

With all of this in mind, the original Slin-Sane was formulated to help athletes make better use of carbohydrates throughout the day by supporting muscular uptake of glucose to promote improved body composition and athletic performance.* The original was a unique but simple formula and we came across a few ways to make it better so that you never have to fear Grandma’s sugar-laden brownies again.


A small to medium sized tree grown throughout parts of southern Asia, the leaves of Lagerstroemia Speciosa (LS) yield a novel compound called banaba. Commonly used in Philippine folk medicine, this compound shows great potential for its possible beneficial interaction with glucose and insulin.*

Initially, researchers thought banaba’s positive effects to be solely related to its content of corosolic acid, but studies have since suggested there may be multiple other compounds in the leaf that contribute to its numerous benefits.

Multiple studies suggest LS to have the ability to increase translocation of the GLUT4 receptor at the muscle cell, therefore allowing increased nutrient uptake (1, 9). *This cellular receptor is the main gatekeeper for nutrient influx, and optimal expression can greatly enhance cellular storage capabilities thereby increasing muscle fullness.*

A recent Japanese study found a significant reduction in blood glucose response (already in healthy range) after feeding sugar to subjects pretreated with LS versus subjects who didn’t take the supplement (2).* A similar study published suggested glucose-lowering effect over control from ingestion of 75g of glucose after administration of LS (6).* In addition to reduction in glucose response to food intake, LS is suggested by multiple studies to lower fasting glucose and insulin levels already in healthy range, a key marker in overall health and cell responsiveness to nutrient sensing (3, 8, 10, 13).*

Aside from Lagerstroemia’s possible glucose stabilizing effects, it touts numerous other capabilities related to health and longevity including supporting insulin sensitivity (8), lowering free fatty acids, supporting blood pressure already in healthy range, CRP, and oxidative stress (7), suppression of adipocyte differentiation similar to ALCAR (5), reducing triglycerides and A1C levels (8), and supporting healthy hepatic lipid content (11).*

Looking at things purely from a body composition angle, LS can help promote the muscle-building effects of insulin by mimicking the hormone and working through an independent mechanism of insulin itself (12), act anti-catabolically to reduce muscle breakdown (4), lower fasting glucose/insulin levels, and increase insulin sensitivity to aid in fat loss and muscle gain.*

  • Enhances glucose uptake at muscle cell*
  • Supports healthy body composition*
  • Lowers blood glucose response to feeding*
  • Reduces fasting glucose, insulin, triglycerides, FFA’s, CRP and A1C*
  • Increases insulin sensitivity and GLUT4 translocation*
  • Increases adiponectin*

An analogue of the branched chain amino acid L-Valine, this compound was chosen due to its vasodilating properties for an increase in vascularity and nutrient delivery.*

L-Norvaline works by inhibiting the arginase enzyme, which is responsible for the breakdown of L-Arginine into L-Ornithine and urea (14). A study published in the American Journal of Heart and Circulatory Physiology suggests that L-Norvaline increased nitric oxide production by 55% (14).*

  • Increases Nitric Oxide production*
  • Supports vasodilation and muscle pump*

The wonder herb Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, more commonly referenced as jiaogulan, has been studied in depth for its possible adaptogenic, immunomodulatory, neuroprotective, nootropic, and hepatoprotective properties.* It appears in approximately 300 scientific papers, and reports and studies on jiaogulan or its saponins have been published in respected journals as well. Jiaogulan contains a large number of chemical constituents, but a majority of relevant studies revolve around its various gypenosides (18).

Being considered an adaptogen means jiaogulan can aid to maintain homeostasis, our body’s need to balance many biological functions. This includes regulating the endocrine hormones, immune system, and supporting stamina (19).*

Jiaogulan has demonstrated in lab tests to enhance nitric oxide production and shown a possible mechanism by which it may aid in supporting healthy blood pressure, already in normal range (15).* It has also been combined with other herbs in human and animal testing and showed possible support for the cardiovascular system, promoting healthy heart stroke volume, coronary flow, and cardiac output while reducing the heart rate, and without affecting arterial pressure (16,17).*

In rodent studies, it has been observed to support tolerance to fatigue.* In one rodent study the highest dosed jiaogulan group had nearly triple the swim time compared to the control (20)!* The rodents in the experimental groups displayed stable serum glucose levels while the control groups’ serum glucose rapidly declined. A similar study suggests improved energy metabolism and possible pro-gluconeogenic effect of jiaogulan and an ability to increase skeletal muscle glycogen (21).* The rodents in the control group also had higher serum lactate levels than both experimental groups which is an effective marker for degree of fatigue (22).*

Jiaogulan has been found to increase superoxide dismutase (SOD), which is one of the body’s most powerful endogenous cellular antioxidants. Charting SOD levels in animals is suggested to be a good indicator of longevity(18).* A human trial suggests 20mg of gypenosides daily supported SOD levels (23).*

It has been observed that gypenoside treatments in primary cultures significantly and dose-dependently attenuated MPP(+)-induced oxidative damage, reduction of dopamine uptake, loss of tyrosine hydrolase (TH)-immunopositive neurons, and degeneration of TH-immunopositive neurites.* The neuroprotective effect of gypenosides are dopaminergic neuron-specific (24).*Higher doses in rodents were suggested to support spatial learning and memory compared to placebo (25).*

The most relevant and applicable reason for jiaogulan’s inclusion in Slin-Sane is its possible ability to help support blood sugar already in healthy range(27).* Another rodent study observed support for healthy blood glucose levels already in normal range, for normal mice at three varying dosing groups compared to placebo (26).*

  • Support Stamina and Energy*
  • High ROS scavenging ability*
  • Neuro- and cardio-support*
  • Promotes healthy insulin sensitivity*
  • Supports skeletal muscle glycogen*
  • Hepatosupportive*
  • Increases nitric oxide*
  • Fights exercise induced fatigue/supports endurance*

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) has been studied in depth for a host of biological benefits such as supporting healthy organs(27,29).* Normal alpha lipoic acid is a 50/50 mix of an R (natural) and S (unnatural) enantiomers and it is generally recognized that the natural R enantiomer is superior (30).

The sodium bound, R-alpha lipoic acid (R-ALA), or more simply known as Na-R-ALA, is considered the optimal form of the popular antioxidant. The sodium bond makes the R-ALA heat stable and improves solubility resulting in improved bioavailability (26). The 143mg dose of Na-R-ALA found in Slin-Sane results in ~100mg of R-ALA.

  • Supports already healthy insulin sensitivity*
  • Antioxidant*

An important member of the B vitamin complex, Biotin is involved in many internal processes such as cell growth, the citric acid cycle, and the metabolism and fats and amino acids. It is also commonly used as a supplement to support skin and hair health and can be found in many cosmetic products.* It has been suggested alongside chromium to be a substantial aid in the regulation of fasted blood sugar levels already in healthy range.* Alcohol intake is also associated with lower biotin status (34).*

  • Supports a healthy immune system*
  • Provides cardio- and neuro-supportive effects*
  • Delays exercise induced fatigue*
  • Supports skeletal muscle glycogen*
  • Potent ROS scavenging ability*
  • Increases nitric oxide, aiding in pump and Vascularity*
  • Supports healthy body composition*
  • Promotes a healthy blood glucose response to feeding*
  • Reduces fasting glucose, insulin, triglycerides, FFA’s, CRP and A1C already in healthy range*
  • Increases insulin sensitivity and GLUT4 translocation already in healthy range*
  • Supports adiponectin*


Serving Size:1Capsule
Servings Per Container:60
Amount Per Serving % DV
Jiaogulan (98% Gypenosides) 185mg *
Na-R-ALA 143mg *
Banaba PE (1% Corosolic Acid) 100mg *
L-Norvaline 100mg *
Biotin 1mg *
* Daily Value and/or Recommended Daily intake not etablished.

Magnesium Stearate, Rice Powder, And Gelatin


Take 1 capsule, one to two times per day, on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before eating a meal containing no less than 25g of carbohydrates. 


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