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HITEC - HMB 200 caps.

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HITEC HMB 200 caps.


HMB , or β-hydroxy acid β-methyl, is a product of leucine metabolism, muscle protein released from under the influence of physical activity. The first stage of this important amino acid degradation is the appearance of α-ketoizokapronowego acid (KIC) transported from the blood to the liver. There, in the cytoplasm of the cell, is converted to HMB, which, getting back into the bloodstream, it is distributed throughout the body, where it performs two basic functions.

The role of HMB in the body - and not only anticatabolic...
First inhibits enzymes proteolytic enzymes in the muscles, muscle protein degradation , thus significantly reduces catabolism (breakdown) of exercise and muscle powysiłkowy. Secondly, as a precursor of HMG-CoA reductase and mevalonate, is the major source of cholesterol synthesis such as in muscle cells, glandular, immune system.

HMB repairs damaged cells
Cholesterol is an essential component of biological membranes, in the process zużywanym regeneration of damaged cells and the synthesis of new. Intense aerobic and anaerobic exercise causes accumulation in the muscle cells of toxic products of metabolism. Under such conditions, the muscle cells do not synthesize optimal cholesterol, which is not able to restore the damaged cell membrane. The use of HMB speed up the regeneration of muscle cells subjected to hard labor.

More testosterone, less fat, better defense against infections.
HMB, optimizing the concentration of cholesterol in the cells, stimulates the glands that is the synthesis of steroid hormones anabolic androgenic steroids (DHEA, testosterone) and runs imunnostymulująco, reducing susceptibility to infections.
HMB, through the action antykatabolicznemu anabolicznemu and accelerates the body's adaptation to increased physical activity, stimulates the growth of pure muscle mass, increases its strength and durability. In addition, β-hydroxy acid β-methyl effectively inhibits the accumulation of fat storage in the body.

HMB supplementation should be the foundation for the use of diets low in calories.

Product name: HMB    
Container size: 200 capsules    
Daily serving size: 8 capsules    
Servings per container: 25    
Supplement facts: per daily portion (8 capsules) amount %RDA
  Ca-HMβ 5000 mg *
  of which: HMβ 4000 mg *
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