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HADES'S HEGEMONY - Yohimbine HCL 100 caps

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HADES'S HEGEMONY - Yohimbine HCL 100 caps.

Inhibits appetite

  •                                                                                           Supports fat loss
  •                                                                                 Increase energy and sex drive


Yohimbine HCl may support a sense of well-being and mood while inhibiting appetite. In its raw herbal form, Yohimbe has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac and blood flow enhancer. However, it wasn’t until very recently that the more bioavailable and purified form of yohimbineYohimbine HCl – became available. Biochemically speaking, Yohimbe is known as an Alpha 2 Receptor Antagonist. When Alpha 2 receptors are blocked effectively, free fatty acids are released into general circulation where they are eventually burned off as energy.


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