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Cell K.E.M.

Suggested Use:

Consume recommended dose immediately after training, on an empty stomach. Mix with 4-6 oz cold water to scoop. Wait at least 20-30 minutes before consuming typical post-workout protein shake or meal. Store in a cool dry place. For best results, use within 60 days of breaking the seal. Never store on top of refrigerator.

FOR 100-150 lb athlete» 1.0 scoop
FOR 150-200lb athlete» 1.5 scoops
FOR 200lb + athlete» 2 scoops

Optional: To maximize anabolic signaling induces cellular expansion and blunt the catabolic effects of the sleep-time fast, consume an additional dose of Cell K.E.M. upon waking.

"I've designed cellphone KEM to maximize theat hardness and fullness, providing the most powerful anabolic construction for maximum muscle growth, and a maximum delivery of these powerful agents directly into muscle cells, using the most advanced non-carbohydrates, nutrients and cellular help blowing agents available ". -Hany Rambod

frecciaHow does the cell KEM differ from EVP?

If you are familiar with my training and nutritional philosophy, or if you've never read one of the hundreds of articles I've published in various magazines, we understand that the basic principle of my philosophy of building muscle is solidly based on the idea that maximum anabolism means blood flow maximization. Every aspect of my nutritional Protocol, FST training program-7 and now with Evogen nutrition, each component of an athlete is specifically manipulated to maximize the flow of nutrient-rich, growth and performance-power of the blood in the muscles. That said, both EVP and now mobile KEM were formulated with several key ingredients to maximize cellular volumizzazione, vasodilatation, and support to optimize the cellsblood collection and delivery of nutrients enrichment.

cellkemYou may have noticed that both mobile and EVP KEM contain several similar ingredients. This is because both products are formulated to maximize blood flow to nourish anabolism. Here are the main differences:

  • EVP, Elite pre-workout Solution, is designed to give you immediate muscle pump and an anabolic "spike" with FUSIL ®, available exclusively from Nutrition Evogen.
  • EVP also contains performance by increasing nootropics to sharpen mental focus for more intense training sessions-you've ever experienced, without the use of pump-kill adrenal stimulant.

KEM phone is designed to work in synergy with EVP, claiming maximum hardness, fullness and recovery, providing sustained, to strengthen growth and volumizzazione pump, together with the powerful activation 04:01:01 fermented relationship growth, BCAA pharmaceutical grade. KEM cell only contains FUSIL ® in this ultra-high quality ingredients in this aggressive anabolic ratio.

Whereas EVP contains nootropics that are useful for pre-and intra-workout performance, increase Cell KEM uses NO more stimulating agents in its array of osmotic expansion. Together with anti-oxidants, free radical scavengers and cellular detoxification that protect against cell and trauma recovery, Cell KEM contains more NO support agents in retrieving/anti-catabolic Increase complex that also serves to intensify volumizzazione and expansion to support NO further production.

cellkemWith the powerful lock and key created synergy between dramatic and immediate effects of volumizing anabolic pre-workout catalyst, EVP, and expanding mobile phone and driving effects of nutrients Cell KEM, with both medicines can acids amino acids including FUSIL ®, in particular reports designed to trigger immediate and permanent anabolism.There is no product or combination of products that you can compare it to the muscles that maximize the effects of EVP and Cell KEM "

frecciaUnlockthe maximum growth potential!

High-intensity training unleashes a cascade of bio-chemical events inside that can lead to consequences catabolic muscle-cell damage. But, it is just traumatic impact of hard training that triggers the body's mechanisms for growth and repair. With an adequate nutritional support, cell rupture potential can become the catalyst for new muscle growth. Cell KEM provides the basics of building nutrients needed to maximize this adaptive, anabolic response.

frecciaWhat is cell KEM?

KEM's Elite mobile Nutrition Evogen Portfolio Catalyst Recovery. Cell KEM is a precisely formulated high performance and dietary supplement designed to address key factors that muscle growth and recovery after high-impact training intensity. As with all products of nutrition, Cell KEM Evogen contains high potency ingredients, highest purity and solubility for maximum impact and effectiveness.

frecciaWhat is KEM cell do?

Cell KEM combines meticulously muscle-building agent key in precise ratios, which have been shown to synergy:

  • Optimize blood flow, cell expansion and volumizzazione
  • Trigger anabolism
  • Promote new cell growth, providing the basis for cellular reconstruction
  • Clear the way for anabolism neutralizing oxidative stress resulting from high intensity of training

frecciaHow does the workcell KEM?

Cell KEM is a synergistic blend of improving the performance of agents, each carefully selected to maximize the body's anabolic response to training.

1. acceleration of growth 04:01:01 Complex:
pharmaceutical grade, fermented, Ultra-soluble BCAA complex (FUSIL ™) Leucine, isoleucine, valine-04:01:01 anabolic ratio 

Recent research has demonstrated the powerful impact of Leucine as "anabolic catalyst" for his direct role in stimulating protein synthesis by activating the anabolic pathway, mTOR. Leucine stimulates internal cascade of events that ultimately greater muscle acquisition. In combination with the other two branched-chain amino acids (BCAAS) isoleucine and valine, Leucine has been shown to trigger anabolism and recovery speed, especially in times of stress, such as during intense training. BCAA supplementation also plays a role in stimulating powerful anabolic hormones, testosterone, insulin and growth hormone. Cell KEM only combines FUSIL ™ pharmaceutical grade and isoleucine and valine, anabolic 04:01:01 report designed to maximise the impact of Anabolics FUSIL. No formula can match this. * FUSIL ™ is pharmaceutical grade, fermented, Ultra-soluble

2. Increase recovery/anti-catabolic/antioxidant complex:
KEM contains numerous cell key nutrients proven to improve recovery, strengthen the immune system and cell recovery that damage the waste products of metabolism. Glutamine pharmaceuticalgrade L-Glutamine AKG are the key immune support, anti-catabolic and increasing recovery agents of the highest purity and power. This array specific Detox was designed to alleviate the systemic metabolic load to facilitate fast retrieval and more from potential cell trauma caused by the rigors of hard training and strict diet contest. The nutrient base of Cell KEM is also fortified with Resveratrol, which has demonstrated antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immuno-protective effects and cardio-protection in more studies.

3. Osmotic expansion/ATP-Enhancing Complex: 
One of the unique properties KEM is cell volumiser ability. Like his counterpart lock-and-key, EVP, Elite pre-workout Solution, Cell KEM ultra-soluble formula contains powerful cytoplasmic expansion agents and drivers of nutrients including creatine gluconate, L-Norvaline, arginine AKG and Resveratrol, designed for Hyper-muscular cells with nutrients load growth and improved recovery. Cell KEM the unique properties of cellular expansion maximize muscle volume and delivery of nutrients in the most critical moment-right after your workout. Cell KEM of ATP regenerating ingredients, provenincluding citrulline malate and creatine gluconate, support the Krebs cycle and fill cellular energy substrates to refuel muscle contraction, to allow athletes to return to the gym, field or training mat faster.

4. Electrolytes Infusion/Hyper-Hydration Complex: 
hydration and electrolyte balance are essential for optimal cell functioning. Intense workout can deplete vital cells of hydration, and disturb the electrolyte balance, further complicating the cellular function, including the mechanisms of muscle contraction, regeneration of energy and nutrient delivery. Cell KEM of electrolyte Infusion/Hyper-hydration Complex offers a balanced electrolytic functional solution to maximize muscle cell function and health, supporting contractility, fluid balance and prevent contractility.

frecciaThe Elite Pre-workout Solution:

With EVP, you do not need to take more pre-training. EVP is formulated with each ingredientyou need to get the maximum strength, recovery, fullness and definition. You won't have to worry about unnecessary ingredients, antagonists or additional cost to combine different products. EVP does not contain unnecessary ingredients or antagonist. You don't even need to "stack" additional products or less complete that hinder your gains by creating unnecessary system toxicity. EVP is at 100% no sugar, maltodextrin and carbohydrate free. These ingredients are often used as fillers or binders that may contribute to insulin spikes and off fat burning mechanisms. EVP will allow you to maintain maximum fullness and pump even more restrictive diet pre-race, ketogenic low-carb or.

frecciaMass Elite & recovery Catalyst

Recovery is probably the most overlooked or misunderstood the nutrition program of any athlete. Until recently, the supplement industry has done little to address what may be the most important component of the athlete's nutritional Protocol. It's Nutrition whereEvogen is again a step aheadthe rest.

In recent years, the supplement industry has focused on developing products that support an athlete's performance from the perspective of pre-training, based on one of the most challenging positions or sugar to pre-training base. But precious few advances have been made in the understanding of the recovery process and anabolism in the immediate, critical post-workout stage ... until now!

The Pro-Creator, Hany Rambod Evogen CEO nutrition and bodybuilding contest preparation upper Guide, knows that the next time training is essential. The impact of intense training on internal results of biochemical environment body in one of two scenarios-anabolism or catabolism. Cell KEM, Mass Elite Nutrition Formula Evogen & Recovery, is your nutritional insurance policy to ensure your body follows the path of maximum anabolic growth, rather than down the catabolic pathway of self-destruction.

frecciaCell KEM for all day: Anabolism

Athlete of all sports can benefit from unique and powerful performanceKEM and cellular components of recovery. Athletes, bodybuilders, figure and fitness competitors, MMA athletes, athletics and every other power, strength and speed will benefit from cell KEM

Athletes that are rooted in a high intensity training program, as the competition-physicist-fight or preparation, will find enormous benefit from cell KEM and will benefit from taking more portions of Cell KEM during the day. In addition to recommended post-workout serving, use Cell KEM upon awakening, or mid-day between meals, to maximize the benefits of anti-catabolic performance and recovery, in particular during the rigors of the pre-race training. For athletes who train more than once a day, as the pre-race, bodybuilding and figure competitors, MMA athletes, or use Cell KEM after each session of intense workout to maximize muscle hardness, recovery, cellular energy and hydration. KEM phone can also be used at bedtime to avoid catabolic effects of an overnight fast.

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