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World first supplement on the market!


The new CREA-TECH ® PX9 first to combine the performance enhancing effects of creatine and beta-alanine! All-in-ONE creatine formula contains many substances that are scientifically proven and highly effective, which can be effectively used to increase strength and improve muscle growth by bodybuilders, strength athletes and athletes of power sports.



CREATINE = more power, more than massa!


The Creatinwirkung is scientifically explained as follows: Creatine is stored in muscle tissue. You play an important role in energy metabolism. Creatine is mainly due to supply and regeneration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) are involved. ATPIt is also known as the "muscle fuel" for the short and intense physical effort is used as an energy source. Taking creatine as a supplement to Creatinspeicher in muscle tissue nasal obstruction. This guarantees a quick and easy training (summary) of consuming ATP. A full of chubby Creatinspeichern muscle is more powerful and gets even faster after intense training loads. Creatine is also improving intracellular Flüssigkeitsspeicherung (muscle cells) and creates ideal conditions for effective protein synthesis (including muscle). . The increase of muscle cell volume makes muscles appear taut and tough, and ensures a huge intensity during training, strength-best creatine property in conjunction with the maximum strength training has been confirmed worldwide in numerous scientific studies and through the experience of athletes:


   • Up to 11% increase of maximum force in 5 days! *

   • increase muscle mass 7 kg in 4-8 weeks!

   • increase of 15-25% of force in 4 weeks!


Creapure ® Creatine Magna ® + Power


The CREA-TECH ® PX9 formula contains two highly effective creatine and quick filling. First, highly purified, micronized Creatine monohydrate Creapure ® brand, the most commonlyused Creatinart throughout the world. ® Secondly, the new magnesium creatine chelate compound "," creatine creatine power known as "magna". creatine this specification for this it is well known that the so-called "Creatine benefit not responders" to take a creatine supplement. As "creatine non-responder" refers to about 10-20% of users that Magen-/Darmprobleme Creatine monohydrate (diarrhea, flatulence, General discomfort) and can not find the desired effect improves performance.


= more reps, more weight!


Beta-alanine is the precursor (precursor to English) of carnosine. Scientific studies have shown that can be increased by oral administration of beta-alanine beta-Alaninkonzentration in the blood. Beta-alanine enters through the bloodstream into muscle, where it is for the construction of the di-peptide "carnosine" responsible. The structure of carnosine in muscle is about the "Carnosinsynthase" regulated enzyme, beta-alanine and Histidine aminoacidi connects to carnosine. Carnosine buffer "hydrogen ion" (H +), concentration in muscle under load increases and therefore hinders muscle contraction. The buffer of H + causes the pH drops in muscle tissue, not muscle übersäuert. Acidification of muscles leads to the famous "Burns" and Muskelermüdung up to failure at the end ofa training set. In a übersäuerten muscle also acts as the muscle ATP fuel is less effective. And the release of calcium, which is important for muscle contraction is significantly threatened. a high muscle carnosine can slow the acidification of muscles effectively and maintain the efficiency of longus. For bodybuilders and strength athletes, this means more reps with heavy weight! Scientists at the University of Oklahoma/USA also found that beta-alanine may increase the effect of creatine. Topics, creatine is taken with carnosine were able to reinforce their significantly higher values, based on more muscle and more fat at the same time the test subjects only had used creatine.




The most notable property of L-carnitine is the "fatty acid transporter" (transport of long-chain fatty acids in cellular power plants). L-carnitine, however, still pretty. The formation of lactic acid, a factor that leads to muscle Ermüdung can be reduced by L-carnitine. L-carnitine optimizes similar to beta-alanine as lactic acid buffer capacity of the muscles.




Taurine stabilizes the Flüssigkeitshaushalt the cells and thus create favourable conditionsfor an effective pre-protein synthesis.


Complex of vitamins + alpha lipoic acid (ALA)


Intense weight training "stress" is for the body. The body reacts by forming free radicals "that lead to damage to body tissues (including muscle) and charges of the immune system. Alpha-lipoic acid and 9 essential vitamins/antioxidants can reduce the negative effects of free radicals, support the immune system and optimize the recovery phase after intense weight and cardio training.


CHROME + cinnamon extract


Cinnamon extract chromium and Support the effects of a natural anabolic hormone insulin transport and optimising the transport and storage of nutrients and co-factors (like creatine, beta-alanine) in muscle cells.




The Multi-Mineral Complex of phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium provides important electrolytes that optimize the Flüssigkeitshaushalt of the muscle cell. Phosphate metabolism supports energy and promotes the formation of Creatine phosphate to an effective synthesis of ATP. More ATP = more power for short, intense muscle tension.




For theCREA-TECH ® PX9 developed

 "Rapid Release" Pills contain special "release" activators (disintegrating agent), one for the quickest possible release of raw materials and ensure a rapid onset of action. With a special coating to CREATE pharmaceutical-TECH ® Rapid release capsules PX9 are particularly easy to swallow.


"Power Pack" PURSE PARTY


To protect active ingredients CREA-TECH ® capsules are a special hermetic PX9 and moisture is soldered keys nor gaps film. Each Power Pack contains 6 tablets Rapid Release  

(Serving = 1 day).


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