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USP Labs OxyElite Pro 90 tablets-



(... it controls at the bottom of the info. nutritional)

How Jack3d ™ in a crazy pill burning fat! " 

You can tell the HMB fat loss in the world?
Listen, green tea has many advantages ... It is an antioxidant and is rightfully a staple in many intelligent lifters arsenals...
And, Yes, some science suggests that increases your metabolism ... but let's be honest, is not love you ripped f. ..
My grandmother has been drinking every day for decades and I'm pretty sure she didnt have a six-pack and. ..
And Synephrine ... don't even get me started with that ...
... It was not effective when it was initially touted as "the next ephedra" .. .and is not effective now-despite being blind is included in almost every formula out there ...
After establishing Recreate as atop-notch-Stim Fat Burner low, we decided to develop a fat burner-based stim that, well, actually burned fat!
... I am proud to say that we've hit paydirt...
The introduction of a laser burner in a targeted way, was coined the "Super Thermogenic ™" by researchers familiar with its effectiveness and. ..
It's called OxyELITE Pro ™ and is here for you absolutely shredded and ...
His power is unrivaled, and his ability to deliver is flat-out awesome...
Why is the last place to lose fat, the first place to fat gain?
It just doesn't seem right, but unfortunately it's true ...
... Could be your stomach, your love handles or even your man boobs.
Fat sticks to these areas like super glue and hangs on for dear life ...
So, why is this?
Your body fat is held hostage
It's called Alpha-2 receptor-and, if fat loss is your goal-is your worst enemy in absolute.
If the alpha-2 receptor wants you to store fat, you're going to store fat – and lots of it--in the worst possible places to ...
The alpha-2 receptor is responsible for inhibiting lipolysis-which basically means that allows the body to store fat and prevents the body from burning fat and. ..
In other words, the 2Alpha receptor is holding hostage your fat and refusing to let go!
When enabled, these areas are in "lock-down"-able to burn fat and keep as a bear preparing for hibernation and. ..
In all respects complete Thermogenesis
Fortunately, this is where OxyELITE Pro ™ shines...
Using a compound that helps reduce the effectiveness of Alpha-2 receptor, you can use this to our advantage to torch fat quickly and efficiently!
Think of OxyELITE Pro ™ as S.W.A.T – busting Down Doors and "liberate" your fat cells from their hostage situation to ...
Then sit back and strap on your seatbelt could very well be the most important addition you've ever read about fat loss and ...

The OxyELITE Pro ™ ladder etc.
Rauvolfia canescens (Rauwolscine) This particular compound helps reduce the effectiveness of the alpha-2 receptor! Is it related to yohimbine, a compound that is often in various fat loss formulas due to its ability to antagonize alpha 2-adrenergic, allowing lipolysis itself, also allowing lipolysis to continue from beta adrenergic agonist (11.12).
Here's the problem: while antagonizing alpha 2-adrenergic is great, yohimbine unfortunately also does the same for Alpha-1-adrenergic-and this can actually hinder lipolysis (13).
So,on the other hand, while yohimbine helps support the lipolysis by antagonizing alpha 2-adrenergic, can also reduce lipolysis from occurring with alpha 1-adrenergic antagonist o. ..
Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? It's like robbing Peter to pay Paul ...
The end result is only a mediocre or small effect on fat loss, fat loss or no detectable at all, that is what has been shown in the literature with yohimbine supplementation (14-17).
Rauwolscine on the other hand, is just as powerful at antagonizing alpha 2-adrenergic, like yohimbine, but is 50 times less potent than alpha-1-adrenergic (18), making it much less likely to reduce lipolysis by inhibiting Alpha 1-adrenergic activity compared to yohimbine.
Rauwolscine is clearly the best choice.
Finally, attention to those products that contain hydroxy derivatives of yohimbine (e.g. 10-OH-yohimbine and 11-OH-yohimbine). May look different, but the truth is that they are more effective than yohimbine (19).
This is simply a marketing gimmick designed to get consumers to believe they are getting something really unique and more effective.
Bauhinia purpurea l. (Leaf & Pod [standardized for Bauhiniastatins 1-4])
We all know that thyroid hormones play an important role in healthy metabolism and thyroid hormone levels may produce a significant increase in energy expenditure.
An extract of the plant Bauhinia purpurea has been suggested in animal models healthy adults to support the levels of T3 and T4 healthy back in normal range! (21)
Yet another reason that support thyroid hormone is so important is because it is known to sensitize or increase the effects of adrenergic lipolytic stimulation (i.e., through compounds such as geranium and Cirsium oligophyllum extracts, along with caffeine) in fat cells (33).
Bacopa monnieri (Leaf)
This plant has been also proposed in an animal model to support the natural production of the thyroid. In this case, the extract of the plant has been suggested to support levels of T4 (23).
In this case, however, since there is an increase in T3 seen, the authors suggested that the plant extract directly stimulates the release of T4 from the thyroid, as opposed to Bauhinia purpurea, which supported the conversion of T4 to T3.
Combining the two plant extracts, the goal is to create a situation where your body will release more T4, while at the same time more than that just released T4 will be converted metabolically more active T3.
This is truly the "best of both worlds" scenario and the end result of being potentially a significant increase in energy expenditure and fat reduction.
Cirsium Oligophyllum (whole plant extract)
Usethat this plant is based on one animal study, which suggested that, compared to the control group, the extract was able to reduce the gain lean mass and body weight and, in particular, seemed to target subcutaneous fat mass over that of visceral fat mass with a report favouring the reduction of subcutaneous fat mass over that of visceral! (5)
Pharmacological studies suggested that the active component presents beta adrenergic agonist activity and stimulates lipolysis in subcutaneous fat cells.
Yet another similarity oligophyllum extract shares with Cirsium Beta-Adrenergic is that it works in synergy with caffeine, producing a more powerful lipolytic effect that far outweighs the effect when used alone (5).
In fact, the power of caffeine and Cirsium Oligophyllum combined was almost 10 times greater than Cirsium Oligophyllum by itself.
As a final note, uncoupling protein-1 expression was up-regulated 1.3 times compared to controls in those animals receiving Cirsium Oligophyllum topically; more about this later (5).
Caffeine is often noted for its ability to increase resting energy expenditure, but also to increase lipolysis and lipid oxidation (6-8) and ...
Moreover, it is known for its ability to enhance the feeling of energy, attention, concentration and euphoric effects (9.10).
Everyone throws caffeine in their formula ... but few know why ... we have a specific purpose as to why we have included ...
... Apart from the benefits that caffeine gives alone, can also provide synergistic effects in combination with other ingredients in OxyELITE Pro ™ ...
In particular, the caffeine we have included may increase the effectiveness of other fat loss agents companies in the formula, including our geranium extract, as well as Cirsium oligophyllum.
... In fact, in the study performed with Cirsium oligophyllum, they found exactly that!
Caffeine has been shown to provide support for the effectiveness of promoting lipolysis in subcutaneous fat cells (5)...
Geranium [Stems] (extracted for 1.3-Dimethylamylamine)
Geranium has been used for centuries as a food additive and part of certain cultures regular diets. One constitute of geranium is this compound-a sympathomimetic drug, fatty amine with indirect (i.e., increasing norepinephrine levels) and/or direct activity at Alpha and Beta-Adrenergic (1-3).
for This influence on the sympathetic nervous system (SAS) and norepinephrine levels is something very important to consider how the SAS and norepinephrine are considered to play an important role when it comes to influence the metabolism and especially the rate at which you burn calories at rest(4).
First, it is important to understand how BAT provides such performance ...
Now, normal white adipose tissue or WAT (i.e. the stuff around your organs and smothering your muscles) is usually there to accept extra energy calories ingested and accepts them for storage in triglycerides (fats).
We need this to insulate us from the cold and protect our internal organs. BAT, on the other hand doesn't store extra energy as it instead dissipates this extra energy in the form of heat.

As you can see on the left, Brown fat is much more "active" and thus able to create much greater heat production (i.e. the consumption of fat for energy) than in white Fat. How to do this? An important factor is a protein called uncoupling protein-1 (UCP-1).
Uncoupling protein
This protein is able to uncouple oxidative phosphorylation, allowing energy from the foods you consume to be released in the form of heat (burned) rather than stored as FAT (25, 28.29).
Have you ever had one of those very lean friends that always complains of being "hot" of all time, even when it's the middle of winter?
What does that mean? Means that this compound can potentially contribute to provide the stimulus necessary for better workouts (that is, a feeling of increased energy and focus), while also directlyencourage the use of fats as fuel in your body.
The Final Frontier-The Incredible Fat Loss Pathway Science had almost completely abandoned
Consider this the icing on the cake ... the 10° Ring Phil Jackson ... the next billion Bill Gates makes ...
Brown adipose tissue (BAT)
So, I'm sure we've all heard this before, right?
It is often referred to as BAT, or simply as Brown fat. It's very metabolically active and uses fat as fuel to produce heat. Pretty cool stuff, right?
Unfortunately, we were under the assumption we really only a significant amount of fat bruno when we're kids ...
So this is the end of the story, right? Well, very recently, the answer has become a solid, but surprising, no.
As we have seen, we have fallen into this trap often referred to as dogmatic thinking. If we are told something enough time and nobody disputes that, we believe...
Most recently, scientific studies have begun to question the notion of adult humans lack BAT and that it has potential to play any significant physiological role (24-29).
So, without any more delay, Let's delve into the latest findings:
A recent study suggested that up to 96% of subjects evaluated have detectable levels of block! (24,25). it has been suggested that those who are overweight have lower BAT activity than those who are lean, something which is not entirely a coincidence, as have more BAT can potentially spend more calories mean and thus maintaining a weight lower (25). It has been estimated that more than half of all men and women can have at least 10 grams of BAT in their body (26). BAT is metabolically active so that no more than 50 grams of BAT could potentially represent up to 20% of the total daily energy expenditure of an adult human when maximally stimulated (25.26). Imagine how much of a difference that can make to how you look ...
Jacob Ok, How We Do Recruit BAT?
The problem however is taking, BAT and activating what little we have in the first place ...
While exposure to cold is a method, it's not really feasible to expose yourself to cold every day of the week ...
... And apart from that, it has been found that several environmental changes for modern humans, as insulated buildings, clothing advances and heated transport systems have reduced the need for Thermogenesis via BAT and thus the amount of BAT triggered ben decreasedas t. ..
But all hope is not lost...
The other method is through sympathetic stimulation, or in other words, using indirect and direct acting sympathomimetics (25.28).
Where OxyELITE™ Pro goes from all-time Great Hall of Fame first round
These are the same friends who seem to eat nothing but junk food, but still able to stay lean all the time!
Well, BAT and UCP-1 may, indeed, be part of the reason!
Thus, plants or substances that up-regulate the expression of UCPs, as this plant, can help with fat loss in this way.
As OxyELITE Pro ™ BAT attacks
First, Geranium extract has sympathomimetic properties and this makes it a prime candidate for increasing UCP-1 expression and recruiting or regaining BAT so that you can use again.
Secondly, Cirsium oligophyllum has beta adrenergic agonist activity and, as expected, was actually proposed to increase UCP-1 at BAT in an animal model (5).
Thirdly, caffeine has been suggested to increase norepinephrine.
This increase of norepinephrine contributes to increasing UCP-1 again at BAT, unfortunately, also ends up activating alpha 2-adrenergic and. ..

... And in doing so, it actually inhibits some of lipolytic and thermogenic activity of norepinephrine by inhibiting potential Adenylate Cyclase (i.e., the enzyme that allows by cyclic adenosine monophosphate or cAMP formation and what eventually leads to lipolysis) activity (25, 28).
This is where rauwolscine comes into play as it is an alpha 2-adrenergicantagonist. Prevents this inhibition of Adenylate Cyclase and therefore can lead to a further increase in cAMP, lipolysis and Thermogenesis via UCP-1 and. ..
Again, this is where rauwolscine shows its superiority to yohimbine etc.
You see, the Alpha 1-adrenergic is also activated by norepinephrine and also contributes to increased UCP-1 activity and subsequent Thermogenesis (28, 29, 31.32).
At least one partial mechanism of how Alpha-1 adrenergic exerts such an effect is to support the conversion of T4 to T3 within BAT, which in turn increases UCP-1 expression.
... Thus, although yohimbine has some beneficial effect on fat loss, is this block of activity at adrenergic Alpha 1-which becomes its undoing. Rauwolscine is 50 times less potent at antagonizing Alpha 1-adrenergic and makes a much better agent to use for fat loss.
Last, but certainly not least, we still have both of our plant extracts designed to increase free T4 (Bacopa monnieri) and support the conversion of T4 to T3 (Bauhinia purpurea).
As we just mentioned, T3 plays a very important role in UCP-1 expression, so if we can elevate levels further, is useful for a variety of reasons ...
... Of course, the fact that T3 can up-regulate beta adrenergic expression while down-regulating alpha 2 adrenergic expression, all whileinhibition of Phosphodiesterase (i.e., an enzyme that breaks down cAMP) adds additional tasks to increase or enhance the effectiveness of the other ingredients (33).


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-Extract de Bauhinia Purpurea L

-Extract of Bacopa

-1.3-Dimethylamylamine HCL

-Cirsium Oligophyllum Extract

-Yohimbe Bark Extract

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