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CORE LABS - S-23 , 60CPS


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S-23 SARMS from Core labs 


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The SARM line of products from the American CORE LABS was added to the latest and most promising selective androgen receptor modulator: S-23, developed and registered by the pharmaceutical concern GTX INC., Known to the sports community for its GTX-024 or MK- 2866 , which is more common in the scientific community under the name Enobosarm or Ostarine. 
The drug was developed on the basis of SARMs, as a product with contraceptive properties, therefore, this feature of the drug should be paid attention to interested users.

Specific effects of S-23:

  • stimulates the burning of fatty tissues;

  • increases strength and endurance;

  • improves performance;

  • increases the strength of bone and connective tissue;

  • heals diseases of the joints and ligaments;

  • stimulates active growth of muscle mass;

  • does not cause fluid retention in the subcutaneous muscle layer;

  • can provoke outbursts of anger and aggression during the course;

  • possible temporary suppression of production of own testosterone;

What to look for when choosing an S-23? 
One of the most important, in terms of the choice of the drug parties, are its contraceptive features. These effects of S-23 manifest themselves during the administration of the drug and disappear after stopping the administration. 
S-23 does not have a significant adverse effect on the liver and prostate. 
S-23 can be used by both men and women. 
S-23 is recommended for use for  30-60  days, after which it is necessary to have a PCT. 
During the period of taking S-23 by men of 28 years and above, support with high-quality testoster is desirable!

How to take SARM S-23? 
Men 20 - 40 mg per day, twice a day, just before meals. Gap in reception: 10 - 12 hours. 
Women 10 to 20 mg per day. 
The duration of the course is up to two months. After which you should conduct PCT.

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