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XXL Nutrition - Mega Grow 1kg

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XXL Nutrition - Mega Grow, 1000 gram


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·       The most powerful post-workout supplement

·       All-in-one product for use after your workout

·       Available in various delicious flavors

·       One of the best products in our collection since years

·       Less suited during a fat loss diet


Mega Grow is known for years as the ultimate post-workout supplement! Mega Grow is the perfect product for those who want to reach their max! It contains everything you need immediately after a training: Creatine, L-Glutamine, Taurine, BCAAs, Carb-Loading, Vitamins and Minerals in one product. Not only the ingredients are great, but also the assorted flavors are delicious! 


  • All-in-one supplement to take after training.

  • Units of 40 days.

  • A great feeling, even after heavy training.

  • Creatine helps to improve performance during explosive power efforts.  Creatine stimulates muscle growth/ (fat free) muscle mass during explosive power efforts. 

  • Creatine, for more strength during explosive power efforts.

  • Carbohydrates contribute to the recovery of the normal performance of the muscles (contraction) after very intensive training.

  • Praised all around for its flavors; orange, green apple, exotic fruits, pina colada or cherry.

  • Has been a winner for years in our product range.


Take 1 dose of 50 grams (1 measure) per day. Take every dose with 300 ml of water. Take this dose immediately after training and on non-training days immediately after getting up.


Q) Can I use Mega Grow during both a cut as well as a bulk diet? 
A) You can. However, it is very popular amongst bodybuilders and fitnessers who want to get the most out of their bulk period.

Q) Is Mega Grow safe?
A) The safety of all ingredients has been confirmed by numerous scientific researches. Mega Grow does not form a risk to healthy people.



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