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mhp - myo-x

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  • Backed by more than a decade of evolutionary bench work and published scientific research showing it can truly reduce human myostatin levels!
  • Clinically tested and shown to suppress myostatin in 100% of the human test study subjects and reduce blood levels of myostatin by an average of 46% in only 12-18 hours!
  • Manufactured using a proprietary High Grade Handling process and contains a magnified concentration of 80 proteins, 700 peptides and numerous biologically active growth factors.


A new breakthrough in muscle building and body transformation science." – FLEX Magazine
A monumental advancement in muscle enhancement and performance nutrition. MHP is once again leading the industry into a new frontier." – PLANET MUSCLE & BODYBUILDING Magazine
“I’ve never experienced anything like MYO-X. This stuff has extremely powerful muscle building and recovery effects." – Victor Martinez, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
If you’re looking to get bigger and stronger, you need MYO-X. It truly activates muscle growth and speeds recovery faster than anything I’ve ever taken.” – Brian Shaw, World's Strongest Man



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