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SPARTA NUTRITION - Spartan Lean V2 , 60cps

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Metabolic & Androgenic Stimulator !

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Safe formula based on the best-known metabolites of hormones

Strongly induces thermogenic processes and regulates general metabolism

Has anabolic and anticatabolic effect, decreasing the level of cortisol

Helps to reduce weight, decreases the level of adipose tissue and water

Increases the level of biologically active, free testosterone

Helps to increase and expose real muscle tissue

Increases the work of thyroid, intensifies biosynthesis of triiodothyronine

Protects from aging processes and increases immunity

Increases the level of resting metabolic rate


Sparta Nutrition Spartan Lean V2 is the most recent version of a popular anabolic dietary supplement, the base of which are chemical compounds which have the character of metabolites and hormone precursors. The preparation is addressed to people who aim at maximal and safe increase of muscle tissue and simultaneous reduction of fat and water.


In the composition of the refined formula there are:

Epiandrosterone (3β-hydroxy-5α-androstan-17-one) - an endogenous hormone with a structure of androstane. It naturally occurs as a result of DHEA reduction, in this form it demonstrates slightly anabolic effect, but the key activity is conditioned by its derivative. It is very quickly transformed to another, well-known steroid hormone - dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which functions in the organism as an active derivative of testosterone, responsible for the most important anabolic activity of this ingredient.


Additionally, Epi-Andro has its influence on aromatase, which is close to its inhibitors. By the same token, it inhibits the reactions of biosynthesis of estrogens and prolactin, therefore it is a desired compound in hormonal preparations, which alleviates side-effects, restores hormonal balance and leads to sudden reduction of the level of water retained in the organism.


At the same time, it permanently binds with sex hormone binding globulins (SHGB), in this way additionally decreasing the level of estradiol circulating in the organism, increasing the level of free testosterone, as bound testosterone does not demonstrate biological activity. The effect of the activity of its complex mechanism is increasing the actual muscle mass, without fat and water.


7-keto DHEA (7-ketodehydroepiandrosterone) –is one of a few DHEA metabolites. It was proven that it does not have a nature typical to hormones, i.e. it does not participate in interactions with the hormonal system typical to steroids, therefore its supplementation does not have an androgen character. As a result of further biotransformations, it does not return to the parental form and its mechanism of activity mainly consists in inhibiting the production of cortisol, which induces catabolic reactions and inhibits muscle mass gain. It was also proven that it has important influence on the functioning of the immune system, dependent on the concentration of this hormone, which considerably slows down its reaction.


This compound also has the ability to regulate metabolic processes and thyroid functions. It induces the activity of thermogenic enzymes: glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, malic enzyme and CoA oxidase, intensifying lipolysis and oxidation of free fatty acids, constituting energy, essential for work and regeneration of muscles. It has neuroprotective effect and has the ability to reverse harmful lesions in the central nervous system, progressing as a result of aging. Another important metabolism-stimulating feature of 7-keto DHEA is its ability to increase the activity of thyroid, leading to the increase of the level of triiodothyronine (T3).


T2 (3'5'-Diiodo-l-Thyronine) – T3 metabolite, which demonstrates similar, but stronger thermogenic properties. Among the derivatives of triiodothyronine, it was proven that T2 demonstrates the most important and characteristic influence on energy metabolism, dependent on enzymes, working mainly on the mitochondrial level. Therefore, it is one of the most effective thermogenics available on the market.


It intensifies the transport of free fatty acids to the mitochondrial matrix and accelerates kinase-dependent oxidation of fats in the process of β-oxidation. At the same time, it decreases insulin-sensitivity of cells and regulates the expression of FGF21 in the liver, accelerating glucose transformations. Multidirectional mechanism of activity of this ingredient of the preparation considerably accelerates resting metabolic rate.


To sum up, Sparta Nutrition Spartan Lean V2 is a totally new formula, devoid of the majority of side-effects, the ingredients of which demonstrate the activity close to the physiological functions and the effects of which may be noticed at the very beginning of supplementation. The preparation is recommended during weight loss period to experienced people who take care of their own safety and have reasonable attitude to supplementation.


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